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The Game Jam:  The Game Jam is an all weekend 'hackathon' which aims to have groups design and develop early stages of a water related serious game in a safe, collaborative and fun practice environment.

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Chezo Serious Gaming Hub Kenya

Serious gaming is a combination of education and games. It involves the use of (computer) entertainment games for non-entertainment purposes i.e. research, policy & decision-making, training and learning.

The central idea of Chezo Gaming is to bring together stakeholders interested in technology and integrated water management challenges: namely residents, local government, subject matter experts and creative and technical people in order to solve, address and create awareness via serious gaming.


  • Initiate a serious gaming industry;  

  • Use serious games to solve problems/create awareness for (urban)water related issues with different stakeholders, ranging from professionals to students;  

  • Develop curriculum materials for further dissemination of the concepts/opportunities.

Target groups  

  • Students

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Government staff

An overview of the types of activities that will be held are outlined below.

  1. Serious gaming start-up workshop;  The workshop aims to initiate learning about serious gaming and for participants to have a go at designing games in a safe, practice environment.

  2. Train-the-trainer workshop; The goal is to reach 15-25 participants and have them leave the workshop knowing the basic skills needed to facilitate serious games in their own sessions later on.

  3. Game Jam; The goal is to have between 10-20 teams working on serious games dealing with (urban) water issues. The three best teams will continue development through the Collaborative project

  4. Collaborative project; The goal is to complete three serious games with three teams tackling (urban) water issues. We aim to address three different types of problems, one for each game.  


The consortium behind ‘Chezo Serious Gaming Hub Kenya’ has been formed by the following players, covering international team build up, thematic expertise and work experience and local sector embedding:-

  • Upande:ICT, Innovation;  

  • iHub: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, community;  

  • Floodcom: Serious gaming, Gaming facilitation;  

  • The Barn: Serious gaming, Gaming facilitation;  

  • Deltares: Integrated water management, serious gaming.

Chezo Gaming


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Our Team

Mark de Blois

CEO/Founder Upande ltd

Nikeh Booister

Co-Founder FloodCom

Reinder Brolsmer

Specialist Urban Hydrology, Deltares

Luchiri Omoto

GIS Consultant Upande ltd

Rense Bakker

Co-Founder FloodCom

Rens van den Bergh

Project Engineer/Serious Game Designer, Deltares

Arne Bezuijen

Co-Founder The Barn

Gladys Kitony

Programs Manager, iHub

Bas van Nuland

Co-Founder The Barn

Sheilah Birgen

Head of Community, iHub


Q1: When and where will the Game Jam happen?
Ans: The Game Jam will be held on the 1st & 2nd of October 2016 at the iHub on Bishop Magua building.

Q2: Who can participate in the Game Jam?
Ans: Participation is open to all those interested in Serious Gaming.

Q3: What is the purpose of the Game Jam?
Ans: The purpose of the game jam is to spur the serious gaming industry in Kenya by seeding firms that will run with the idea.

Q4: Are there specific themes/Topics that participants should work on?
Ans: Yes! The themes are based on issues in the Water Sector. Actual themes/topics will be communicated via email to members who have subscribed to the Chezo newsletter, and also posted on the events page. Keep checking!

Q5: What is the maximum number of participants in a team?
Ans: An ideal team should comprise of between 2 to 5 people.

Q6: Can existing/registered companies participate?
Ans: Yes! Teams already existing as companies can participate.

Q7: What is in it for the participants?
Ans: There will be 3 winners each getting a seeding grant of 2000 Euros.

Q8: How will the game Jam be conducted?
Ans: The Game Jam will be a Hackathon. Teams will be required to work on their idea within the weekend; starting from Friday evening, and ends on Sunday evening. Food and refreshments will be provided during the period.

Q9: Does it have to be a digital game?
Ans: No! Board and cards games are also an option.

Q10: What is the composition of the jury?
Ans: The Jury will be made up of Stakeholders in the water industry and The team of experts from the Chezo Consortium.

Q11: What happens after the Game Jam?
Ans: Winning teams will receive a seeding grant and experts mentorship from the Chezo Consortium who will help them actualise their Game Jam idea.

Q12: Do we have to register as a company with our team?
Ans: After the Game Jam, winning teams will be required to register as a company; preferably under a Business Name for a start.


Game Jam is finally here! The competition will take place on Friday, 30th September (from 5:30pm) through to Sunday 2nd October (5:10pm). The competition will be hosted by a consortium of five organizations; iHub, Upande, Deltares, FloodCom and The Barn.

The Game Jam is a 48-hour competition where participants will work in teams to compete in developing serious games that address water, sanitation and hygiene challenges and issues.

Award: Three best teams will receive cash prizes (each 2000 Euros/approx. Ksh. 220,000) and additional mentorship and support for a couple of months to enable them develop their innovations to market.

Please note we are charging a refundable fee of ksh. 500. This amount will be refunded to all the participants on Sunday, 2nd October 2016 (Last day of the competition)

Please ensure you sign up early as limited spots are available. Interested participants can sign up HERE

For more info on chezo gaming check our website: If you have any questions, email us on [email protected] or tweet us (@chezo_gaming)